Copier/scanner scanning

Photocopiers are now usually networked and can act as (relatively) high-speed scanners. The NHM has a copier/scanner in the library on the Ground floor (a Xerox CopyCentre) and one at the east end of the 3rd floor hallway (a Xerox 4110). We are using these to digitize scientific books and reprints.

Advantages are their (relatively) fast scanning speed and excellent quality for text and line drawings.

Disadvantages are that you cannot see the result of a scan until you retrieve the file from the file server, and poor scan quality for greyscale and photographic images.

Therefore we use the copier/scanners for text and line drawings, and separately scan images on a flatbed scanner. Scans are combined in Acrobat to create the final document. (This whole process is also documented.)

All scans are stored on the NHM's FTP server. See Mike Solorio or Dean for host/login information to retrieve your scans.

Because all scans end up in one folder on the server, pick a distinctive name for your document.

If you have questions, you can try asking me (no guarantees I can answer!): Dean Pentcheff (Crustacea) (NHM extension 3217).