Scanning: Xerox 4110

The NHM has a copier/scanner at the west end of the hallway on 3rd floor that can scan to a networked file as well as copy. We are using this to digitize scientific books and reprints. (More details are available, including information on other copier/scanners at NHM.)

All scans are stored on the NHM's FTP server. See Mike Solorio for host/login information. Because all scans end up in one folder on the server, pick a distinctive name for your document (see below).

Get the key for the room from Terri or Maria in the R&C office.

4110 copier/scanner setup

Options not mentioned can be left at their original setting.

Place an original on the platen. Press the green button below the screen and immediately press Next Original on the screen (or you'll only get one page in your document).

Scan following pages using the green button (or Start on the screen).

Finish by pressing Last Original on the screen and your document will be closed and sent to the server.

Recommendation: scan in batches of about 100 pages or less (bigger batches sometimes vanish).

To scan the next document, go back to the Output Format tab, select File Name, enter a new file name, and click Save. Then resume with the green button (and immediately press Next Original to be able to add more pages).