Scanning: Xerox CopyCentre

The NHM has a copier/scanner in the Library on the ground floor that can scan to a networked file as well as copy. We are using this to digitize scientific books and reprints. (More details are available, including information on other copier/scanners at NHM.)

All scans are stored on the NHM's FTP server. See Mike Solorio for host/login information. Because all scans end up in one folder on the server, pick a distinctive name for your document (see below).

If you have brightness or contrast problems, see these scanning tips for suggestions.

CopyCentre copier/scanner setup

Once the machine is configured, scan the document. For books and individual sheets, put document on glass and press the green button for each page. To use the sheet feeder, put a batch into the sheet-feeder and press the green button to feed them all through.

Recommendation: scan in batches of about 100 pages or less (bigger batches sometimes vanish).

If you are using the sheet feeder, the job will be saved automatically when feeding is done. If you are doing individual pages, when you are done, select:

To scan the next document, return to the Options tab, enter a new Document Name, then re-enter the Build Job/On setting (if needed).