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Yokohl Ranch Vernal Pools 2007–2008

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This is a branchiopod survey from the Yokohl Valley, Tulare County, California.


Quad Knopf Consultants conducted surveys for federally listed branchiopods during to determine the presence and distribution of branchiopods within the Yokohl Ranch project site. The project site is situated in the southern Sierra Nevada foothills, east of Exeter, in Tulare County. Elevation of the site ranges from 530 to 5,400 feet above mean sea level. The main portion of the 36,000 acre project site is situated in Yokohl Valley, approximately 2,000 feet in width and is bisected by Yokohl Creek which divides the northern and southern portions of Yokohl Valley. The remainder of the project site extends into the higher elevations of Chickencoop Canyon and Oak Flat. The location of vernal pools on the project site and the locations where federally-listed branchiopods were found are provided in Figure 2.

Collection Location and Dates

Tulare County, California. 2007-2008 wet season and during the July, August, September, October 2007 dry season.

Taxonomic Contents

branchiopods (fairy shrimp)


correspondence has been scanned and is available electronically.

Description of Collection

There are both cysts and adults in this collection.

Collection Inventory

61 lots, sorted and identified

Collection Assets

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