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Williams and Bunkley Isopod Collection 2013

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Personal voucher collection of Ernest H. Williams, Jr. and Lucy Bunkley-Williams.


This is the personal research collection of Williams and Bunkley. In their publications paratypes were erected using this collection and the specimens were retained throughout their working career. Upon retirement, Williams and Bunkley gifted their entire voucher collection, paratypes included, to the NHM. The paratypes received LACM numbers and were entered into the MBC database.

Collection Location and Dates

Puerto Rico, Panama, Bahama Islands, British Virgin Islands, Trinidad, United State Virgin Islands 1975-1984, 2003

Taxonomic Contents

Agarna cumulus, Anilocra acanthuri, Anilocra chaetodontis, Anilocra chromis, Anilocra haemuli, Anilocra holacanthi, Anilocra holocentri, Excorallana antillensis, Excorallana sp., Excorallana tricornis,


Anilocra abudefdufi (Paratype) Williams & Williams, 1981; Anilocra acanthuri (Paratype) Williams & Williams, 1981; Anilocra chaetodontis (Paratype) Williams & Williams, 1981; Anilocra chromis (Paratype) Williams & Williams, 1981; Anilocra haemuli (Paratype) Williams & Williams, 1981; Anilocra myripristis (Paratype) Williams & Williams, 1981; Glossobius hemiramphi (Paratype) Williams & Williams, 1985; Renocila colini (Paratype) Williams & Williams, 1980


No information available.

Description of Collection

Wet preserved voucher collection that is taxonomically distributed in the NHM Crustacea Collection room. Originally fixed in formalin then preserved in 70% ethanol.

Collection Inventory

Collection contains 134 lots identified to species.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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