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Camm C. Swift

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20231205–The CCS55 number must be some kind of mistake since I was 15 in 1955! More description might help, like date or whatever else might be associated with the material.

CCS99-54, San Bernardino County, Santa Ana River north of Loma Linda and Redlands, from 0.5 km below to 3 km above Tippecanoe Avenue, 23 August 1999, 11:20-13:40, Camm and Dianne Swift

CCS99-55, Riverside County, Santa Ana River at Norco crossing of River Road, 7-11 September 1999, 08:40-16:30, Camm Swift, and Todd White, Diane and Christopher Morales. This was a repeated check of downstream traps in a river diversion.

A lot more habitat and other data is in the notes.

You should have a whole set of copies of my notes from FSU, 1965-early 1970; the originals are now at the Florida Museum of Natural History. You should have originals of my notes, later 1970-early 1993. These are all in 1 inch, 5.5 X 8,5-inch white binders. I have my notes from later in 1993 until I left for Georgia in Jan, 2010. When I brought in specimens from various projects I would bring in copies of the relevant notes on 8.5 X 11 inch paper that Jeff or Rick kept in a larger binder. I could have missed some of these and all the notes have data on southern California freshwater sites even when specimens were not kept.

I also have copies of all these notes and could send the original notes and binders if you have a place for them. It's about 7 or so feet of linear shelf space of the smaller binders. Many records of herps and other aquatic fauna and flora are in them as well as lots of habitat notes some of which have been the basis of published papers and many gray literature reports for various public and private agencies. Let me know if you would like to get these and I can send them. It might wait for after the holidays now to avoid loss during the rush.

As you may realize I am also thinking seriously about what to do with my library and journals which have varying interest or worth. I have already had a few colleagues tell me they were able to disperse books but just recycled lots of journals now available electronically. Attached is a rough accounting of my library holdings.which duplicate much of what LACM had, particularly after getting library materials from John Fitch, Rolf Bolin, Bob Lavenberg, Giles Mead, and reprint from Leonard Schultz.


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