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Southern California Rapid Assessment Survey 2000

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To provide the public and policy makers with better information on the status of exotic species in southern California waters and to assess differences between port and non-port areas, a Rapid Assessment Survey of selected habitat types in sheltered waters between San Diego and Oxnard was conducted in the summer of 2000. The objectives included (1) comparing the prevalence of exotic species among habitats and regions and between recent and past surveys, (2) obtaining reference data for future assessments of changes in invasion status and the effectiveness of prevention or control efforts; detecting new invasions, and (3) documenting significant range extensions.

Twenty-two sites were sampled to include the three major commercial port
areas in southern California, non-port-area marinas and lagoon sites. Sampling included dock fouling and adjacent soft-bottom benthos, nearby intertidal sites, and selected subtidal lagoon habitats.

Polychaetes Collection Manager Leslie Harris was one of the taxonomic experts participating in this survey. Specimens taken during the survey were saved as vouchers and deposited at NHMLAC.


Dr. Andrew Cohen (San Francisco Estuary Institute) was the Principal Investigator

Funding was provided by the State Water Resources Control Board, California Department of Fish and Game, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

A.N. Cohen, L.H. Harris, B.L. Bingham, J.T. Carlton, J.W. Chapman, C.C. Lambert, G. Lambert, J.C. Ljubenkov, S.N. Murray, L.C. Rao, K. Reardon, and E. Schwindt. 2005. Rapid Assessment Survey for exotic organisms in southern California bays and harbors, and abundance in port and non-port areas. Biological Invasions 7: 995-1002.

Collection Location and Dates

Maps, description of collection areas, coordinates and depths can be found in

Collecting took place in August 2005.

Taxonomic Contents

Collection consists of 330 lots of polychaetes.


Field notes and electronic files are held by Harris in the Polychaete Section. Station information and species lists have been transferred to the MBPC database.

Description of Collection

All lots were fixed in 5-10% formalin, rinsed in fresh water, and transferred to 70% ethanol. Field identification was done to genus or species in most cases, otherwise the lots were left at family level. Specimens are currently in the Polychaete Section. After processing they will be shelved in the Polychaete Collection room.

Collection Inventory

All 330 vials are in 2-ml or 5-ml plastic vials and awaiting transfer to museum glassware

Collection Assets

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04/28/2009 Retrieve [88.0 kB] Southern California Rapid Assessment Survey Report

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