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San Francisco Bay Invasive Species Study 2010

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The California Department of Fish & Game is required by state law to conduct investigations to assess the presence of non-native aquatic species. From 2004 to 2007 they funded several large scale biodiversity surveys along the outer coast (2004 & 2007), San Francisco Bay (2005), and bays & harbors (2006). Stations along the outer coast were selected for access to both sandy & rocky intertidal & subtidal areas while the other two surveys focused on subtidal fouling on hard substrates & adjacent subtidal benthic habitat. Data resulting from the studies has been incorporated into the USFWS's California Aquatic Non-native Organism Database (CANOD), NOAA/USGS's Pacific Coast Ecosystem Information System (PCEIS), and SERC's National Exotic Marine Estuarine Species Information System (NEMESIS).Background. This particular set of samples comes from a second survey of San Francisco Bay and consist of the polychaetes from station replicates identified by Dot Norris.


The work was overseen by Ashleigh Lyman and Zea Walton at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Each taxonomist was required to provide 2 voucher lots of each taxon they identified in 2005 and 2010. Vouchers from 2005 have already been deposited at LACM. These are bulk samples (material identified & then returned to the original vial)

Collection Location and Dates

53 stations throughout the greater San Francisco Bay were visited. Specific subareas of the bay were New York Point, Suisan Bay, San Pablo Bay, Central San Francisco Bay, and South San Francisco Bay. Collecting was done from May to July 2010.

Taxonomic Contents

All specimens are polychaetes.


Excel spreadsheet received from Moss Langing Labs is available here.

Description of Collection

Wet preserved collection. The specimens were fixed in 10% formalin-seawater, briefly rinsed in fresh water, then transferred to 70% ethanol.

Collection Inventory

133 vials or jars.

Collection Assets

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10/05/2011 Retrieve [63.0 kB] Raw data from Moss Landing.

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