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San Diego Natural History Museum Collection

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This is the research collection of echinoderms formerly maintained by the Invertebrate Zoology Department of the San Diego Natural History Museum. It consists of historically significant material primarily from Southern California and Mexico, some dating back to the turn of the 20th century.


The collection was previously housed at the San Diego Natural History Museum. A portion of the collection has been sent by LACM to the California Academy of Sciences on long-term exchange.

Collection Location and Dates

1917-1992. Primarily Baja California, Gulf of California, and California. Other locations include Alaska, Argentina, Costa Rica, French Polynesia, Marshall Islands, Panama, Spain, Tasmania. Mostly < 20 m; few > 200 m.

Taxonomic Contents

Echinodermata: mostly echinoids and asteroids; some ophiuroids and holothuroids.


Parts of the collection are documented in the San Diego Natural History Museum catalog, which is available in the LACM Echinoderms Collection.

Description of Collection

Sixty percent of collection is dry. Most dry material identified to species. Remaining 40% of collection is wet preserved. Collection has been curated and is located in dry and wet collection ranges of the LACM Echinoderms Collection. Station data have been digitized.

Collection Inventory

This collection is estimated to have 400 lots.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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