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Rocks Biological Consulting

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Rocks Biological Consulting is one of the largest biological consulting companies performing fairy shrimp surveys in the San Diego area. Rocks are early adopters in using proper preservation methods e.g. using 95% pure ethanol, making their samples ideal for molecular studies.


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service mandates depositing Southern California fairy shrimp for permanent storage into the LACM collections. Lee Ripma and Ian Hirschler are the lead biologists performing specimen collections.

Collection Location and Dates

Collections made in San Diego County have been coming the LACM since March 2005.

Taxonomic Contents

Fairy shrimp, and unsorted vernal pool macroinvertebrates.


Excel spreadsheets are imported into MBC databases upon receipt of specimens.

Description of Collection

Specimens collected before 2012 were fixed and stored in 70% denatured ethanol, and then transferred to 95% pure (not-denatured) ethanol in early 2012.
Specimens collected in late 2014 and thereafter are fixed and preserved in pure 95% ethanol only.

Collection Inventory

There is no backlog of specimens. Specimens are received, processed and incorporated into the Crustacea Collections.
Most lots consist of only 1-3 adult male specimens. The two most common species in samples are Branchinecta sandiegoensis and B. lindahli. The remaining samples either contain other fairy shrimp species or unsorted macroinvertebrates.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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