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Recon Environmental, Inc.

Section Responsible for Processing



Recon Environmental, Inc.
1927 Fifth Avenue,
San Diego, CA 92101
Tel. 619.308.9333


9 lots dropped off at Museum by Brenna Ogg, 20 October 2008

Collection Location and Dates

San Diego County, California

Taxonomic Contents

fairy shrimp


Excel spreadsheet imported into DB

Description of Collection

75% ethanol preserved, Crustacea collection room

Collection Inventory

9 lots

Collection Assets

Date View or Retrieve File Information
11/18/2008 Retrieve [17.5 kB] Original data submitted by Recon with specimens. Crustacea specimen labels contain only part of this data.
11/18/2008 Retrieve [6.8 kB] Data formatted to match MBPC DB.

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