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Quintana Roo, Mexico 2001

Section Responsible for Processing



This is a collection of polychaete specimens from Caribbean Mexico. Many were identified by regional experts. This material an excellent baseline for comparison with many other polychaetes collected by LACM personnel throughout the greater Caribbean.


Leslie Harris (LACM Polychaete Collections Manager) was invited by Dr. Sergio Salazar-Vallejo (El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, Mexico) to be an instructor in a two week graduate level course on polychaete taxonomy and systematics. During the course the class made several collecting trips to sites along the Quintana Roo/Yucatan coastline and to offshore islands. Specimens were deposited at the LACM have been used in several theses and papers; more papers are in preparation.

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Collection Location and Dates

No information available.

Taxonomic Contents

This collection consists of 287 lots of polychaetes. Many lots consist of mixed species which still need to be separated.


Field notes and electronic files are available from the Polychaete Section. All collection data are also available electronically from the MBPC database and this website.

Description of Collection

All specimens were fixed in 10% formalin, later rinsed in fresh water and transferred to 70% ethanol for long-term storage. Lots were sorted to family or to the level of genus and most await further taxonomic identification. The collection is in the process of curation (11 March 2009). After processing it will be housed in the Polychaete Section Collection Room.

Collection Inventory

Brought to the museum in 287 individual vials and whirl paks.

Collection Assets

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