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Gulf of Mexico, Puffer and Emerson, 1951

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Specimens may have been mentioned in Hartman’s 1954 polychaetes of the Gulf of Mexico paper.


Elton L. Puffer and William K. Emerson, UC Berkeley, participated in the American Petroleum Institute’s Project 51. The project’s main focus was documenting the geology and main biotopes of oil producing/potential oil producing regions in the Gulf of Mexico and the Sea of Cortez. Puffer and Emerson studied molluscs of oyster-reef communities along the central Texas coast. Some lots contained polychaetes which were sent to Dr. Olga Hartman for identification and retained by her for the AHF Polychaete Collection. These were transferred to the NHMLAC along with the rest of the collection in 1988.

Collection Location and Dates

Aransas Bay, San Antonio Bay, Copano Bay, all near Rockport, Texas, collected between 1951-1952.

Taxonomic Contents



A station list is held by the Polychaete Section and individual lots are recorded in the Hartman N-Catalogue.
Puffer, E.L., Emerson, W.K. 1953. The molluscan community of the oyster-reef biotope on the central Texas coast. Journal of Paleontology 27(4): 537-544.

Description of Collection

Wet preserved collection. Samples originally fixed in 10% formalin, later rinsed in fresh water and transferred into 70% ethanol.

Collection Inventory

None at present; perhaps 100 lots. Information in the AHF N-Catalogue will eventually be compiled into a single spreadsheet.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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