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Puget Sound Expeditions 1998 and 2000

Section Responsible for Processing



In 1998 a team of scientists did a rapid assessment survey of the marine invertebrate fauna and flora of the Puget Sound region with particular emphasis on introduced species. A second survey with similar objectives was funded in 2000 to central and southern Puget Sound and Willapa. Leslie Harris (Collection Manager, Polychaetes) participated and alll worms collected were brought back to the LACM. Accounts of both expeditions can be found at:


Principal investigators were Drs. Claudia Mills (University Washington), Andy Cohen (San Francisco Estuary Institute), and Helen Berry (Washington State Department of Natural Resources). Funding was provided by the Department of Natural Resources, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S Environmental Protection Agency, and the Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team. Laboratory space was donated by local agencies & universities.

Reports for the expeditions can be obtained through the websites listed above. A peer-reviewed paper on the 1998 survey is:
Mills, C.E., A.N. Cohen, H.K. Berry, M.J. Wonham, B. Bingham, B. Bookheim, J.T. Carlton, J.W. Chapman, J. Cordell, L.H. Harris, T. Klinger, A.J. Kohn, C. Lambert, G. Lambert, K. Li, D.L. Secord, and J. Toft. 2000. The 1998 Puget Sound Expedition: a shallow water rapid assessment survey for nonindigenous species, with comparisons to San Francisco Bay. pp 130-138 In Marine Bioinvasions: Proceedings of the First National Conference, January 24-27, 1999 (Judith Pederson, editor), MIT Sea Grant Program, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Collection Location and Dates

In September 1998, 26 localities were sampled. In May 2000 another 28 localities were sampled. The first year focused on hard substrates in marinas and harbors of Puget Sound while the second spent more time on beach habitats in the Sound and in Willapa Bay. Sampling was done in intertidal and shallow subtidal depths.

Taxonomic Contents

407 lots of polychaetes were retained for the LACM.


Field notes and electronic files are available from the Polychaete Section. All collection data are also available electronically from the MBPC database and this website.

Description of Collection

The majority of lots were initially fixed in 10% formalin, briefly rinsed in fresh water then transferred into 70% ethanol for long term storage. A few lots were fixed in 95% ethanol for molecular analysis. Polychaetes were field sorted and identified to genus and species when possible, otherwise they were left at the family level. The collection is currently being processed (11 March 2009). After processing it will be shelved in the Polychaete Collection room.

Collection Inventory

Collection consists of 407 small vials.

Collection Assets

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03/13/2009 Retrieve [53.5 kB] Original raw data stations file.
03/13/2009 Retrieve [62.0 kB] Original raw data species file.

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