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PICES-RAS, Oregon 2010

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PICES is the acronym for the North Pacific Marine Science Organization, an intergovermental research organization which promotes and coordinates marine research. The member nations are the USA, Canada, Russia, China, Korea, and Japan. Japan, through PICES Working Group 21 on non-indigenous aquatic species has funded a 5-year project which includes rapid assessment surveys (RAS). The 2010 survey was done in Newport, Oregon. Experts from the member countries collected baseline data and worked together to inter-calibrate species identification which allows for the standardization of data between regional surveys. For polychaetes, this survey produced records of 25 species new to the area, 4-6 possible new introductions from Japan, 5 potentially undescribed species, and an established colony of a highly invasive worm known only from Brazil and Argentina.


The survey was organized by Dr. John Chapman (University Oregon & Hatfield Marine Science Center) with assistance from Leslie Harris (NHMLAC, Polychaetes). The survey based at Hatfield surveyed approximately 15 sites from harbors to mud flats. Each taxonomist vouchered examples of the species they identified. These were returned NHMLAC by L. Harris.

Collection Location and Dates

Sampling was done in October 2010 at sites in Coos Bay and Yaquina Bay.

Taxonomic Contents

Specimens are primarily polychaetes and peracarids identified by L. Harris, V. Radashevsky, and J. Chapman.


Inventory held in Polychaete Section.

Description of Collection

Wet preserved collection. Polychaetes were fixed in either 10% formalin-seawater or 95% ethanol while other taxa were primarily preserved in 70% ethanol. Polychaetes fixed in formalin were briefly rinsed in fresh water, then transferred to 70% ethanol.

Collection Inventory

Approximately 191 species in 400 lots.

Collection Assets

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