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Pacific Gas & Electric Vernal Pool Survey 1992

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58 vernal pools from 14 study sites situated along a 300 km north-south transect through Sacramento Valley, from Fall River in Shasta County to Jepson Prairie in Solano County during the spring of 1992.

The transect route followed a Pacific Gas & Electric natural gas pipeline corridor that extends approximately 1360 km from Kingsgate, British Columbia, Canada to Panoche, California.


King, J. L., M. A. Simovich, and R. C. Brusca. 1996. Species richness, endemism and ecology of crustacean assemblages in northern California vernal pools. Hydrobiologia 328:85-116.

In 1996 copepods and ostracods were sent to NHM by Brusca/Wetzer. The specimens were organized by taxonomic group, and each lot had its own specimen label containing the “collection data” and “sample number.” All specimens were preserved in 70% ethanol, except the ostracods which were dried.

Brenda Hahn was supposed to send the Cladocera to NHM, but they never arrived. They are not in the collection as of 28 June 2023.

The fairy shrimp were retained by Marie Simovich and are also not in this collection.

Collection Location and Dates

Spring 1992

Taxonomic Contents

vernal pool organisms


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