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Otay Mesa 2009

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This is a branchiopod survey from the "Dexstar Property" in the Otay Mesa area of San Diego, California. Advantage Environmental Consultants, LLC conducted surveys for federally listed branchiopods in 2008.


No information available.

Collection Location and Dates

Dexstar Property, Otay Mesa, 1 mile south of Otay Mesa Road, just west of Finger Canyon.

Taxonomic Contents

Anostraca: Branchinecta sandiegonensis


These specimens collected under federal permit no. permit no. TE134337-0.

Description of Collection

This is a wet collection of adult branchiopods (fairy shrimp) located in the Crustacea Collection Room.

Collection Inventory

11 lots from different vernal pools in the general area of Otay Mesa, San Diego County. Preservative was likely alcohol (uncertain whether ethanol or isopropyl). Specimens were transferred to 95% ethanol February 2011.

Collection Assets

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