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Freshwater Ostracods – Mark Angelos

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Mark Angelos, an engineer by profession, was a Research Associate in Crustacea ca. 2004 until 2006. He had a great fondness for freshwater ostracods and devoted his spare time to their identification. He had also participated in their collection was variously contracted by agencies to collect and identify them. He retired with the intent to return to the museum and continue working, but that did not happen. He left behind a large collection of identified material, CDs, and printouts. We are trying to read the CDs and get data to the google drive. Many of the lots have LACM CR numbers referenced. 28 June 2023 NDP and RW combed the LACM CR database yet again to find any of these numbers with hopefully more data. None of the CR numbers checked are contained in the LACM CR database.


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Collection Location and Dates

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Taxonomic Contents

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Description of Collection

CDs, printed locality labels, digitized spreadsheets. Physical components of the collection are on carriage 56/2A in the Crustacea Collection Room.

Collection Inventory

29 June 2023 The following items were uploaded to the Google Drive Freshwater Ostracods – Mark Angelos – with pdfs folder: Spreadsheets, labels, and letters having to do with Angelos that were on the R&C Intranet, a 2016 paper referencing Angelos aquatic invertebrate specimens from the Madrona Marsh Preserve, a list of fairy shrimp Angelos deposited at the museum, and 37 CDs from the collection. Much of the CDs contain line drawings in CNV files that need to be opened with a special software.

29 Sept 2023 The CNV files on the Angelos CDs were downloaded. Each CNV file now has a corresponding pdf in the “Angelos-CDs” Google Drive folder (WG-expedition-data > Expedition Datasets > Freshwater Ostracods – Mark Angelos – with pdfs > Angelos-CDs).

“ANGELOS” cardboard box sitting in carriage 56/2A in the Crustacea Collection Room contains 37 digitized CDs, 18 ink pads, AV / Photo Lamp, 16 oz tall jar of locality labels, and three digitized spreadsheets (2005 SNARL ostracod spreadsheet, CA Dept. Fish and Game Aquatic Bioassessment Lab Ostracod Data, Ostracods stream pairs).

Collection Assets

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10/02/2023 Visit Freshwater Ostracods —*Mark Angelos

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