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Naval Facilities San Diego–Vernal Pools

Section Responsible for Processing



We have a copy of FAX of a Fish and Wildlife Service permit (1-6-05-LAI-805) addressed to Michael C. Stroud, Natural Resources Branch, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, 1220 Pacific Hwy., San Diego, CA 92132-5190 amending a list of authorized individuals for Subpermit NAVYSW dated 26 September 2005.


This collection arrived at LACM during George Davis’ tenure and was never processed. To the best of our knowledge there is no map or specific localities for the ~5-7 boxes of specimens.

Collection Location and Dates

No information available.

Taxonomic Contents

fairy shrimp


No information available.

Description of Collection

most are wet preserved – at present likely in 70% ethanol; original preservative unknown

Collection Inventory

No information available.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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