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Moss Landing Laboratory Collection

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Specimens were originally part of the invertebrates collection of Moss Landing Marine Laboratory and were collected during surveys of the continental slope off central California during exploration of potential dredged material disposal sites.


PI: Dr. James Nybakken
Collections made with support from the U.S. Navy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Previously housed at Moss Landing Mrine Laboratories, Moss Landing, California. Numerous publications, including: Summers, A. C. & J. Nybakken. 2000. Brittle star distribution patterns and population densities on the continental slope off central California (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea). Deep-Sea Research II 47:1107-1137.

Collection Location and Dates

Collected in the vicinity of th Farallon Islands, west-southwest of San Francisco Bay, California. Depth range 500-3,000 m.

Taxonomic Contents

Echinodermata: primarily ophiuroids.


MLML station data.

Description of Collection

Wet, presently in 80% ethanol. Mostly identified to species. Housed in LACM Echinoderms Collection wet range. Station data need to be digitized.

Collection Inventory

This collection contains approximately 300 lots.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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