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Mongolia Expedition 2002

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Very little is known about the crustacean fauna of Mongolia. This expedition sampled previously unexplored areas in order to better understand the biodiversity of freshwater invertebrates of Mongolia.
More data about this collection are at the <a href=“”>Mongolia Expedition</a> website.


The Mongolia Expedition was funded by National Science Foundation grants DEB-BE-0120635 and DEB-PEET-9978193 awarded to Dr. Joel W. Martin, Curator of Crustacea, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. The trip was organized by Dr. Regina Wetzer.

Collection Location and Dates

Samples were collected from T^v, Dundgov', ÷mn^gov', Bayankhongor, Arkhangay, and ÷v^rkhangay aimags of Mongolia (geographic coordinates for each site are included as part of the label data). Freshwater habitats including temporary ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, and underground springs from various ecosystems such as desert, desert steppes, forest steppes, and mountainous regions, were sampled. The dates of the expedition were from 18 August to 3 September 2002.

Taxonomic Contents

The collection consists primarily of ostracods, copepods (and other meiofauna), conchostracans, anostracans, notostracans, insects (aquatic and terresterial), spiders, leeches, various gastropods, and nematomorphs.


Letters of invitation and permits are on file in the Registrar's Office. See the <a href=“”>Mongolia Expedition</a> website for physical descriptions of collecting sites.

Description of Collection

The specimens were originally fixed and preserved in 95% ethanol. Upon return to the Crustacea Lab the original preservative was replaced with fresh 95% ethanol. Currently the collection is located in the Marine Biodiversity Processing Center’s Collection room.

Collection Inventory

The collection consists of approximately 114 lots.

Collection Assets

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08/05/2008 View [621.4 kB] Notostraca and Diplostraca (tadpole and clam shrimp). Photo by K. Omura.
08/05/2008 View [459.7 kB] Notostraca and Anostraca (tadpole and fairy shrimp). Photo by K. Omura.

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