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University of Miami Collection

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Collection primarily consists of specimens collected during large-scale investigations of the macro-fauna of the tropical Atlantic Ocean from West Africa to the Caribbean and the Gulf of Panama in the eastern tropical Pacific. Material was collected by the University of Miami, using research vessels including the GERDA, JOHN ELLIOTT PILLSBURY, and JAMES M. GILLIS. Additional collections were made using the COLUMBUS ISELIN in the Bahamas, and other vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. The PILLSBURY and GILLISS stations were located every 15-30 miles apart around the circumference of the Caribbean and northeastern South America, from the intertidal to a depth of 8,650 m in the Puerto Rico Trough.


Initial PIs: Dr. Frederick M. Bayer and the late Dr. Gilbert L. Voss
Support provided by the National Geographic Society, NSF, and other agencies. Collections formerly housed at the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.

Collection Location and Dates

Tropical Atlantic and eastern Pacific. 1964-1975. Intertidal to 7,938 m; 20% > 800m.

Taxonomic Contents

Echinodermata: primarily ophiuroids.


Published cruise narratives housed in LACM Echinoderms Collection.

Description of Collection

Almost entirely wet; few dry lots. Sorted to class. Presently stored in Echinoderms Collection wet range. Station data has been digitized.

Collection Inventory

Approximately 2,500 lots.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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