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Panama-Lee 1976

Section Responsible for Processing (Top)


Significance (Top)

A good collection of Panamian polychates.

Background (Top)

Henry Lee II studied seasonality, predation, and opportunism in high diversity soft-bottom intertidal and shallow subtidal communities in two areas of Panama for this Ph.D disseration. He used predator exclusion and control cages, in manipulated and non-manipulated sites, as well as doing feeding rate experiments. Dr. Lee was based at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Naos, Panama. While still at the Allan Hancock Foundation Leslie Harris, NHMLAC Polychaete Collection Manager, acquired his polychaete specimens.

Collection Location and Dates (Top)

Naos Beach and Naos Causeway, Gulf of Panama and Playa Brava, Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama. 1976-1977.

Taxonomic Contents (Top)


Documentation (Top)

Lee, H., II. 1978. Seasonality, predation and opportunism in high diversity soft-bottom communities in the Gulf of Panama. Ph. D. thesis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 180 pp. A copy is in the Polychaete Section.

Description of Collection (Top)

Wet preserved collection. Some samples originally fixed in 10% formalin, later rinsed in fresh water and transferred into 70% ethanol; others directly preserved in 95% ethanol.

Collection Inventory (Top)

None at present. Specimens are presently separated by family and held as a subcollection on the survey shelves.

Collection Assets (Top)

No collection assets available.

Specimen Condition (Top)

Date 4: New alcohol needed immediately (specimens will otherwise be irreparably damaged) 3: Containers need to be 'topped off' 2: New alcohol needed within next 6-12 months 1: No curation needed at present
12/31/2014 0% 0% 0% 100%

Container Condition (Top)

Date 4: Immediate short-term (less than 5 years) storage container replacement needed. Present containers are inadequate. Curate in the short-term with plastic buckets, whirltop bags, or similar. 3: Specimens contained in museum-grade long-term (greater than 5 years) storage containers. Jars need new closures (e.g. replace Bakelite and metal lids). 2: Transfer to museum-grade long-term storage containers. Replace or transfer to new jars and glass vials, replace cotton and closures. 1: Containers are museum-grade and meet highest curation standards.
12/31/2014 0% 0% 95% 5%
Most of the specimens will need to be placed into double-vialed containers

Label Condition (Top)

Date 4: New labels needed immediately (original labels in poor condition, paper torn/worn, legibility poor). 3: New labels needed within next 1-2 years (original labels beginning to wear, pencil writing fading, low quality paper was used). 2: New labels needed are as a result of curation and accretion of collection. 1: No new labels needed at present.
12/31/2014 0% 0% 95% 5%

Label Content (Top)

No information available.

Level of Taxonomic Identification (Top)

Date 7: Not identified 6: Phylum 5: Class 4: Order 3: Family 2: Genus 1: Species
12/31/2014 0% 0% 0% 0% 100% 0% 0%
Unknown at present.