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Los Angeles Urban Ocean Expedition 2019

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Urban biodiversity expedition led by NHM MBC DISCO in 2019.


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Collection Location and Dates

Mostly Los Angeles County (Marina del Rey to San Pedro Bay and Port of Los Angeles). A few localities are in northern Orange County

Brooke Basse's boat
California Science Center (CSC) R/V Ocean Endeavor
California State University Fullerton (CSUF) Whaler
City of Los Angeles Environmental Monitoring Division (CLAEMD) R/V La Mer
City of Los Angeles Environmental Monitoring Division (CLAEMD) R/V Marine Surveyor
Kevin Stolzenbach's Whaler
Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD) R/V Ocean Sentinel
San Pedro Commercial Dive Operation: Giant Stride

Adam Wall, Amanda (Mandy) Bemis, Austin Hendy, Brent Haggin, Brittany Cummungs, C. McDonald, Carrie Tyler, Eve Moore, Greg Jensen, Gretchen Lambert, Gustav Paulay, Jessica (Jessie) Whelpley, Kevin Lee, Kevin Stolzenbach, Kimo Morris, Leslie Harris, Marie Nydam, Megan McCuller, N. Dean Pentcheff, Rebecca Varney, Regina Wetzer, Ryan Walter, Shawn Wiedrick, Tom Turner, William (Bill) Power, Zack Gold

Taxonomic Contents

Sponges to tunicates.


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Description of Collection

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Collection Inventory

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Collection Assets

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