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Jamaica 2006

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Drs. Marian Litvaitis (PI), Univ. New Hampshire Leslie Newman (Co-PI) were awarded a NSF grant to study Caribbean polyclad flatworms biodiversity. Leslie Harris (NHM Polychaete Collections Manager) was invited to participate in the Jamaica portion of the survey. The materials she collected contribute to our knowledge of the marine invertebrate fauna of the region.


Drs. Marian Litvaitis and Leslie Newman
NSF grant DEB 0412932, $588,788

Leslie Harris' participation was partially funded by the Museum (salary while in the field, partially funded by the NSF grant (travel), and partially self-funded (expenses in Jamaica).

Rawlinson, K.A. 2008. Biodiversity of coastal polyclad assemblages in the wider Caribbean. Marine Biology 153: 769-778.

Collection Location and Dates

Jamaica, north coast, around St. Anne's Bay, HUML 18infinity44.933'N, 77infinity22.389'W

Collections made between 24 May - 5 June 2006, 0-10 meters by Kate Rawlinson, Marcela Bolanos, Anne DuPont, Andrew Allan, Joseph Dunn, and Leslie Harris.

Taxonomic Contents

Polychaetes (187 lots) and Crustacea (61 lots), a few lots each of cnidarians (1), ctenophores (1), echinoderms (4), enteropneusts (1), fish (2), molluscs (17), nemerteans (24), and sipunculids (3). Twenty four lots of platyhelminthes listed in the database were retained by Dr. Litvaitis.


Electronic files in Polychaete Section.

Description of Collection

Wet collection primarily in 5% formalin (263 lots), ca. 51 lots in 95% ethanol, and 12 lots in 70% ethanol. Samples field sorted to morphospecies. Currently specimens are housed in trailer in crate P-L-13.

Collection Inventory

Approximately 326 lots.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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