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Los Angeles Terrestrial Isopod Survey 2011

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This project contributed to our overall knowledge of terrestrial isopods in the Los Angeles Basin and surroundings for which there had been very little historical data. The project generated a well curated morphological and molecular systematic collection of oniscids at the LACM. It also improved the list and distribution of known species from the area.


During January 2011 this project surveyed the terrestrial isopods in the Los Angeles Basin from coastal areas above the high tide line, throughout the basin, to montane areas below 5,000 ft. Stefano Taiti (Istituto per lo Studio degli Ecosistemi, Firenze, Italy), David Hubbard (UC Santa Barbara), Jonathan Wright (Pomona College), together with NHM staff Regina Wetzer, Dean Pentcheff, Adam Wall, and Phyllis Sun surveyed localities in the San Gabriel Mountains, Coachelia Valley, San Juan Capistrano, San Pedro, Malaga Cove, Pt. Dune, and Charmlee and Solstice Canyons in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Collection Location and Dates

January 2011, excel spreadsheet with collections is available on this site.

Taxonomic Contents



Collection data is available in the excel spreadsheet.

Description of Collection

All specimens were either 95% ethanol preserved or preserved in RNAlater.

Collection Inventory

98 lots

Collection Assets

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03/01/2011 Retrieve [76.1 kB] A species list to the terrestrial isopods of Southern California.
03/01/2011 Retrieve [51.0 kB] Specimen collection data.

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