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Huatulco, Mexico 2006

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A collaboration with Mexican colleagues and LACM marine invertebrate and anthropology staff: Bill Woods, Angel Valdes, K. Fitzhugh, G. Hendler, K. Omura, D. Striley, R. Wetzer


Cultural exchange opportunities were explored between LACM and Mexican colleagues while exploring the shallow water near shore coral reef in the Bay of Huatulco, (Oaxaca).

Collection Location and Dates

August 15th - three boat dives off San Augustino beach and along coast

Santa Cruz beach – collected along cement dock and intertidal

August 16th – two boat dives

Magueyito Beach Halimeda collection

Taxonomic Contents

The collection consists of 6 unsorted lots and the remaining 94 lots consisted of crustaceans (amphipods, brachyurans, alpheids, isopods, anomurans, peracarids, caridea), pycnogonids, polychaetes, mollusks (gastropods, bivalves, nudibranchs), platyhelminthes, echinoderms (urchins, brittle stars, holothuroids), nemerteans and sponges.


All specimen data is databased.

Description of Collection

Specimens were preserved then stored in 95% EtOH. Collection is housed in MBC/Polychaete Collection room.

Collection Inventory

Collection curated and dispersed to taxonomic sections.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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