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Gulf of Mexico, 1987

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Significance (Top)

The stated objective of the cruise was "to acquire as many species as possible of the genus Coryphaenoides (fish) in the eastern Gulf of Mexico for a systematic study of the genus using biochemical methods."

Background (Top)

It seems the ship steamed due west from St. Petersburg out to a distance of approximately 180 miles.  The ship collected specimens at 14 stations along this track by employing a 41' semi-balloon Otter Trawl.

The ship made only one trip into the Gulf of Mexico in 1987.  This trip was given a cruise ID of CH-4-87.  The ship departed St. Petersburg on April 20 and returned to that port on April 25.  Scientific personnel aboard for the trip were:
·         Dr. Raymond R. Wilson (Chief Scientist), Postgraduate Research Biologist, Scripps Institute of Oceanography
·         Dr. Kathleen Sullivan, University of Miami
·         Dr. James Quinn, Florida Department of Natural Resources
·         Mr. Hans Kuck, Florida Department of Natural Resources
·         Mr. Mark Leiby, Florida Department of Natural Resources

Collection Location and Dates (Top)

20-25 April 1987.

Taxonomic Contents (Top)


Documentation (Top)

Documentation that might be obtainable from John Wilson, Marine Operations Manager, Duke University Marine Laboratory, 135 Duke Marine Lab Road, Beaufort, NC 28516 (Nov2014) are as follows:

·         Statement of pre-cruise requirements addressed to the Chief Scientist
·         Statement of equipment aboard and equipment available
·         Pre-Cruise Plan
·         Various R/V Cape Hatteras Situation Reports made during the cruise
·         Cruise assessment report
·         Master's cruise report
·         log of scientific events
·         Loran Log
·         Oceanography General Cruise Inventory (NOAA Form 24-23
·         Running wire log
·         Plot (map) of cruise
·         Deck Log Book, R/V Cape Hatteras

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Collection Inventory (Top)

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Collection Assets (Top)

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Specimen Condition (Top)

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Container Condition (Top)

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Level of Taxonomic Identification (Top)

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