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Givens, Robert, Catalina Island

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Specimens are from some of the first diversity studies on Santa Catalina Island, California.


Drs. Robert Given and Dennis Lees, then graduate students at the University of Southern California’s Catalina Marina Science Center conducted a biological survey of the island between 1966 and 1968. They made approximately 190 dives, recorded observations, and collected specimens. In the mid 1970s Jane E. Dykzeul and Dr. Given did a reconnaissance survey for the California Department of Fish and Game. Polychaetes from these surveys were given to Dr. Olga Hartman for identification and retained by her for the AHF collection.

Collection Location and Dates

Santa Catalina Island, CA. 1966-1968. 1975-1978?

Taxonomic Contents



Individual lots are recorded in the Polychaete Section’s N-Catalogue. Reports stemming from Given’s two surveys are:
Dykzeul, J.E., Given, R.R. 1978. Reconnaissance survey – Santa Catalina Subarea I. A report to the State of California Department of Fish and Game. S.C.M.S.C., University of Southern California , Los Angeles, CA.
Given, R.R. and D.C. Lees. 1967. Santa Catalina Island Biological Survey Report No. 1. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.
State Water Resources Control Board. 1979. California Marine Waters. Areas of Special Biological Significance. Reconnaissance Survey Report. Santa Catalina Island – Subarea I. Los Angeles County. Water Quality Monitoring Report no. 79-6, 192 pp.

Description of Collection

Wet preserved collection. Samples originally fixed in 5-10% formalin, later rinsed in fresh water and transferred into 70% ethanol.

Collection Inventory

None at present; probably several hundred specimens / lots. Information in the AHF N-Catalogue will eventually be compiled into a single spreadsheet.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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