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Givens, Charles R.

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Invertebrate Paleontology


The collection includes specimens Charles R. Givens used for his own research and on which he published.


Publications of Charles R. Givens that are based on the studies of fossils in the collections of the Department of Invertebrate Paleontology:

Givens, C. R. 1994. Occurrence of the rare genus Anapteris (Bivalvia: Corbulidae) in the Eocene of California. Journal of Paleontology, 68(1):168-171.

Givens, C. R., and Garvie, C. L. 1994. Strepsidura ficus (Gabb) of Harris (1895), Eocene of Texas: A volutid gastropod species distinct from Whitneya ficus Gabb, 1864, Eocene of California. Journal of Paleontology, 68(2):274-278.

Givens, C. R. 1979. The gastropod genus Volutocristata Gardner and Bowles (Eocene: California, Mexico): A synonym of Lyrischapa Aldrich (Eocene: Gulf Coast). Tulane Studies in Geology and Paleontology, 15(4):117-127, pls. 1-4.

Givens, C. R. 1978. An occurrence of the tethyan genus Volutilithes (Gastropoda: Volutidae) in the Eocene of California. Journal of Paleontology, 52(1):104-108.

Givens, C. R., and Kennedy, M. P. 1976. Middle Eocene mollusks from northern San Diego County, California. Journal of Paleontology, 50(5):954-975.

Givens, C. R. 1974. Eocene molluscan biostratigraphy of the Pine Mountain area, Ventura County, California. University of California Publications in Geological Sciences, 109:1-107, pls. 1-11.

Collection Location and Dates

About half of the material is from the Pliocene, Caloosahatchee Formation, Florida and the other half of the collection is from Gulf Coast localities.

Taxonomic Contents

Mostly mollusks.


Accession number F. A. 3755-2000-1, 30 July 2000.

Description of Collection

Approximately 2 Lane cabinets of fossils in the west wing of the South Grand facility.

Collection Inventory

The estimated 3,000 specimens have been unpacked, placed into archival-grade museum storage trays and stored in Lane cabinets for further cataloging and curation. Many of the specimen lots have been identified to species level.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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