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Galapagos, Haven and Cohen

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10Nov2014-Jody Martin: “Alan Havens was a graduate student of the late John Garth at USC).* *I think he brought back several collections from the western Pacific, notably a collection of small crabs from the radioactively-poisoned Eniwetak Atoll.* All I know is that we have some crabs from Eniwetak downstairs that were collected by Alan and/or by Dr. Garth.* I don't think anything was ever done with them.

Alan is still working in the Los Angeles area.* He works for SCAG (the Southern California Association of Governments), but “I don’t have a contact number or e-mail for him.

I have not heard of the Galapagos Cohen expedition or collection.* My guess is that Anne Cohen (who for many years was a Research Associate in Crustacea) must have been involved, unless this was from a trip made by her husband, Dan Cohen, who was a fish specialist.* If it is the latter, then our Fish department might have some information on it.”


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