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K. Fauchald and D.R. Hancock ~1969

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Significance (Top)

Deep water polychaetes from Oregon. Part of our invaluable series of polychaetes from deep water surveys. 4 new genera & 11 new species were described from the material by Fauchald & Hancock (1981); many of the specimens have been revised since then.

Background (Top)

The samples were taken by Dr. Andrew Carey (Oregon State University) along a 320 meter permanent transect running from 100m to 2900m depth off Yaquina Bay, Oregon. His student, Danil Hancock, first worked on these polychaetes for his master's thesis. He received help with the identifications from Dr. Olga Hartman, Kristian Fauchald, and Donald Reish, while spending the summer of 1967 at the Allan Hancock Foundation (AHF). The specimens were later sent to the AHF when Fauchald decided to collaborate with Hancock to publish their findings.

Collection Location and Dates (Top)

Off Yaquina Bay, Oregon, 100 to 2900 meter depth, June 1962-March 1966.

Taxonomic Contents (Top)

142 species of polychaetes in 37 families.

Documentation (Top)

Held in the Polychaete Office. Information on the polychaetes can be found in:

Hancock, D.R. 1969. Bathyal and abyssal polychaetes (annelids) from the central coast of Oregon. Master's Thesis, Oregon State University, 129 pp.
Fauchald, K., Hancock, D.R. 1981. Deep-water polychaetes from a transect off central Oregon. Allan Hancock Foundation Monograph 11: 73 pp.

Description of Collection (Top)

Wet preserved collection. Specimens were original fixed in 5% formalin & later transferred to 70% ethanol.

Collection Inventory (Top)

Approximately 580 lots.

Collection Assets (Top)

No collection assets available.

Specimen Condition (Top)

No information available.

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No information available.

Label Condition (Top)

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Label Content (Top)

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Level of Taxonomic Identification (Top)

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