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Kristian Fauchald

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Fauchald (re)numbered many specimens in the Polychaete collection using a number series with the pattern “00####” (six-digit number, always with leading zeros). These were research numbers that cover Velero specimens, Hartman specimens, and others.
There are also many numbered specimens in the Polychaete collection using a number series with the pattern “F####” (always beginning with a leading letter “F”). These are Western Mexico specimens that were used by KF in his Ph.D. dissertation work. According to Leslie Harris, these “F”-numbers were never used in publications (which always referred to pre-existing Velero, Parker, or other collection IDs), but were just used internally to organize KF’s research.
This collection entry also refers to a specific large collection of polychaetes from the Hardangerfjord, Norway.


Dr. Kristian Fauchald was first a graduate student under Dr. Olga Hartman at the Allan Hancock Foundation then her replacement as Curator of Polychaetes from 1969 to 1977.
At his request the Hardangerfjord collection was sent to him by the Zoological Museum, University of Bergen. It was left behind in 1977 when he became the Smithsonian Curator of Polychaetes.

Collection Location and Dates


Taxonomic Contents



There is no documentation available at the moment. Dr. Fauchald will provide station information and other relevant documents. Some of the polychaetes may be listed in:

Fauchald, K. 1974. Deep-water errant polychaetes from Hardangerfjorden, Western Norway. Sarsia 57:1-32.

Description of Collection

Specimens are thought to have been fixed in 5-10% formalin-seawater, rinsed in fresh water, and transferred to 70% ethanol.

Collection Inventory

Estimated 3500 lots, each containing from 1 to many specimens. A full inventory is needed.

Collection Assets

No collection assets available.

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