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Cocos Island Kaiser & Kuck

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Specimens collected by Kirstie Kaiser, private collector and associate of the LACM Malacology department. Kirstie made several trips to islands in the eastern Pacific including Clipperton, often returning collections of shells and other invertebrates to the Museum. NHM benefited from several of these trips. She made one trip Hans G. Kuck to Cocos and this material was permanently gifted to the museum.


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Collection Location and Dates

Cocos Island 1986-1992

Taxonomic Contents

Decapoda, Isopoda, Amphipoda, Tanaidacea, coral


Kaiser, K.L. 2007.* The Recent molluscan fauna of OEle de Clipperton (tropical eastern Pacific).* The Festivus (supplement) 39: iii + 1-162, figs. 1-26, pls. 1-43.

Description of Collection

Mostly 70% EtOH preserved collection as well as a few dry coral specimens housed in the LACM Crustacea collection room. Most specimens identified to at least order. Specimens have been integrated into the collection by taxon.

Collection Inventory

ca. 800 lots.

Collection Assets

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05/03/2023 Visit Cocos Kuck 1988

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