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Biodiversity Science: City and Nature (BioSCAN), 2012 – May 2015.
This was a first-of-its-kind scientific investigation to discover and explore biodiversity in and around one of the world’s largest cities: Los Angeles. In the 2.5 years of sampling from the urban core to less-urban surrounding areas, the focus was insects, the most diverse group of animals on our planet. We discovered and documented the diversity of insect species from 30 sites living with us in Los Angeles as well as collecting data to test hypotheses about how natural areas around the city affect its biodiversity and, conversely, how urban areas may be affecting their surroundings. NHM BioSCAN took full advantage of our Museum base by directly engaging the public in the discovery and exploration of their home city. The project hosted and trained >60 USC students, interns, and volunteers representing nearly all USC departments. USC students were directly involved in the daily operation of the project. They became “expert” taxonomists, natural history and science communication emissaries directly engaging with museum visitor’s of all ages. More-experienced students helped recruit, train, and supervise younger students. Four USC graduates have been retained as permanent NHM staff.


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