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California Bight Survey 1994

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Significance (Top)

The Southern California Bight Pilot Project (SCBPP) surveyed 261 sites in the Southern California Bight (SCB) between July and August 1994.

Background (Top)

The results of the SCBPP provide a "snapshot" of conditions throughout the SCB in 1994. As a pilot study, this project established the feasibility of cooperative regional monitoring in southern California.

Collection Location and Dates (Top)

Point Conception, California to United States-Mexico international border.

Taxonomic Contents (Top)

Small collection containing crustaceans, polychaete worms, mollusks, and other miscellaneous taxa.

Documentation (Top)

Full documentation is attached.

Description of Collection (Top)

Wet preserved collection.

Collection Inventory (Top)

No information available.

Collection Assets (Top)

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03/01/2016 View [0.0 kB] Station Data (see Appendix A)
02/25/2016 View [169.3 kB] Southern California Bight 1994 Regional Monitoring Program:
Executive Summary January 1998
02/25/2016 View [683.3 kB] Southern California Bight 1994 Regional Monitoring Program:
Executive Summary January 1998
Overview, Workplan, Quality Assurance, Sample Design
02/25/2016 View [4987.7 kB] Benthic Infauna
02/25/2016 View [5887.6 kB] Chemistry and more
02/25/2016 View [15311.3 kB] Fishes
02/25/2016 View [88.7 kB] Trawl Data
02/25/2016 View [353.4 kB] Benthic Data

Specimen Condition (Top)

No information available.

Container Condition (Top)

No information available.

Label Condition (Top)

No information available.

Label Content (Top)

No information available.

Level of Taxonomic Identification (Top)

No information available.