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Astoria,G. Hendler 2001

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Principle investigator, Dr. Gordon Hendler.

Collection Location and Dates

Astoria Canyon is located in the north eastern Pacific, off the Orgeon coast. Samples were collected between 28 June to 3 July 2001 with the R/V Brown. Collection depths ranged from 147-1357 meters.

Taxonomic Contents

The taxonomic emphasis is echinoderms, with 63 lots collected.


G. Hendler provided station list Excel spreadsheet.

Description of Collection

The bulk of the collections were fixed and preserved in 95% ethanol. A few lots were initially preserved in formalin then transferred to 85% ethanol. The collection is stored in the Polychaete Collection Range (LACM basement).

Collection Inventory

Echinoderms (83 lots); polychaetes (53 lots); crustaceans (40 lots); mollusks (40 lots); cnidarians (32 lots); sponges (25 lots); brachiopods (8 lots); ectoprocts (2 lots); chaetognatha (2 lots); miscellaneous taxa (e.g., nemerteans, sipunculids, chordates, pycnogonida) (28 lots).

Collection Assets

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09/15/2010 Retrieve [2005.7 kB] Raw data sheet
08/14/2002 Retrieve [40.5 kB] Collection inventory

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