Vernal Pool Collecting Kits

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To make sample collecting and processing as simple and efficient as possible, collecting kits can be obtained from NHM.

One key problem making it difficult for collectors to adhere to desirable curation guidelines is that some of the supplies cannot be purchased in small enough quantities. By buying these supplies in bulk, we are able to make them available to collectors needing relatively small amounts. If you will be collecting large numbers of lots, consider ordering supplies directly from the vendors listed below.

Please visit our website for full collecting instructions, technique videos, and more.

Kit Contents

Our collection kits contain the following items:

Permanent Equipment

Netting squares (255 µm mesh)2 × 1 ft2
Fine Science Tools blunt insect forceps1
Squirt bottle1
Small scissors1
Bag to contain field collecting equipment1

Expendable Supplies

ItemNeeded for
field use
Needed for
lab use
Whirl-pak bags 50  Use field leftovers for bycatch
Preprinted labels 50   
Cotton  12” × 24” sheet 
Glass vials: small (1 dram)  25 For lots of 1–5 specimens
Glass vials: medium (4 dram)  25 For lots of 5–10 specimens
Glass vials: large (8 dram)  25 For lots of >10 specimens
Vial containers (plastic): 30 ml 25 For transport/shipping
Vial containers (plastic): 50 ml  25 For transport/shipping
Screw cap vial (glass): 1 dram  25 For dry resting eggs/cysts only

Refills of the “Expendable Supplies” are available (see below).

Obtaining Kits and Refills

We make these kits available to qualified collecting individuals and agencies. Because of limitations on how our institution operates financially, we are currently unable to charge for these kits. We request that you consider making a donation to our section so that we are able to offset our costs for these kits. Doing so will allow us to continue making them available.

Our own cost for the collecting kits is:

If you would like to make a donation to offset the cost of a kit or a set of expendable supplies, please do the following:

Make check payable to: Natural History Foundation

Check memo line: MBC, vernal pool research

Accompanying note or letter:
1. Text indicating that: This donation is in support of vernal pool collections of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.
2. Donor name or institution to acknowledge for the donation.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
att. Dr. Regina Wetzer, Research and Collections
Marine Biodiversity Center
900 Exposition Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Vendor List

MaterialVendorPart NumberURL / Notes
240 µm (approx.) netting Miami Aqua-Culture, Inc.
Nylon (also available in polypropylene and polyester)
Funnel Grainger 4CUR7
Insect forceps (blunt) Fine Science Tools 26030-10
Squirt (wash) bottle Fisher Scientific 03-409-22A
Scissors Small scissors for cutting Whirltop bag tops
Resistall label paper (36#) University Products 219-368511
Nasco Whirl-Pak bags (4.5” × 9”, 2.5 mil) VWR 11216-056
Nasco part number: B00736WA
Cotton (nonsterile) VWR 14224-514
Glass shell vial (1 dram) Fisher Scientific 03-339-30C
Glass shell vial (4 dram) Fisher Scientific 03-339-30G
Glass shell vial (8 dram) Fisher Scientific 03-339-30J
Plastic vial, screwcap, 30ml Cole-Parmer EW-06120-66
Plastic vial, screwcap, 50ml Cole-Parmer EW-06120-68
Glass vial, screwcap, 1 dram Fisher Scientific 03-340-16
95% Ethanol Fisher Scientific 04-355-454
Gold Shield Distributors

This file last modified: 29 August 2017