Community outreach

The LACMIP engages with museum visitors of all ages and interest levels. Our outreach activities include:

  • participating in museum events, including Nature Fest, Bug Fair, and Dino Fest
  • partnering with local avocational paleontologists through the Southern California Paleontological Society (SCPS)
  • collaborating with K-12 educators from local public schools and the homeschool community
  • leading field trips to nearby fossil localities
  • offering collection tours for local students and educators

Left: Facilitating a school field trip to the San Pedro tidepools. Center: Sharing Paleozoic arthropods with museum visitors during Bug Fair. Right: Leading a collections tour for local college students.

Professional activities

The LACMIP actively participates in professional meetings and workshops.  A list of our presentations at these events can be found here.

Interns and staff presented at the annual meeting of the Western Society of Malacologists