Fossils of Panama


Fossils of Panama was an initiative of the Florida Museum of Natural History to digitize the extensive collections of Panamanian fossils in the Florida Museum of Natural History and a number of other U.S. natural history museums, including the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. This initiative was funded through the Florida Museum of Natural History, iDigBio, and the Panama Canal Project-PIRE [NSF# 0966884]. Fossils of Panama leverages the availability of digital images and online media to build a greater awareness and appreciation of Panama’s past biodiversity, as well as provide a web resource for the scientific and education community in which common fossils of Panama can be simply and rapidly identified. Additional Fossils of Panama resources are found here.



Culebra Formation (Panamá Province)

Gatun Formation (Colón Province)


Armuelles Formation (Chiriqui Province)


Atlantic Muck (Colón Province)

Pacific Muck (Panamá Province)

Monte Verde Formation (Chiriqui Province)


Pacific coast of Panama

Caribbean coast of Panama



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