A brief history of the LACMIP collections

The rich fossil record of southern California have long been of interest to national and international workers. In addition to material reposited at the NHM, many of these collections were housed across greater Los Angeles, at the California Institute of Technology, California State University Northridge, University of California Los Angeles, and University of Southern California. Difficulties with access to, and comparison among, these collections was a universal observation among visitors. This led to the integration of USC collections in 1984, UCLA in 1985, CIT in 1988 (Wilson & Saul 1988), and then CSUN in 2001 (Groves et al. 2003). Important contributions to each of these collections include: Heinz Lowenstam, W.P. Popenoe, and Wendall Woodring (CIT); Ulysses S. Grant, N. Gary Lane, and W.P. Popenoe (UCLA), William Easton and David Bottjer (USC), and Richard Squires (CSUN).

Past curators of the LACMIP

Ulysses S. Grant IV (1930-1931)

George P. Kanakoff (1948-1966)

Edward C. Wilson (1967-1994)

George Kennedy (1985-1993)

Kenneth G. Johnson (2001-2005)

Past collections managers of the LACMIP

LouElla Saul (1985-1993)

Lindsey Groves (1993-2002)

Harry Filkhorn (2002-2009)

Mary Stecheson (2011-2014)