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Schematic drawing of a thoracic leg.

From: Holthuis, L.B. 1993. The Recent genera of the caridean and stenopodidean shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda): With an appendix on the order Amphionidacea. Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum Leiden. 328pp..

This image is referenced by the following definitions:

Appendage  [Holthuis, 1993]
Arthrobranch  [Holthuis, 1993]
Basis  [Holthuis, 1993]
Carpus  [Holthuis, 1993]
Coxa  [Holthuis, 1993]
Dactylus  [Holthuis, 1993]
Endite  [Holthuis, 1993]
Endopod  [Holthuis, 1993]
Epipod  [Holthuis, 1993]
Exopod  [Holthuis, 1993]
Ischium  [Holthuis, 1993]
Limb  [Holthuis, 1993]
Merus  [Holthuis, 1993]
Pleurobranch  [Holthuis, 1993]
Podobranch  [Holthuis, 1993]
Praecoxa  [Holthuis, 1993]
Propodus  [Holthuis, 1993]