Andrew Abi-Jumaa (began in 2014) has been organizing and identifying hundreds of cowries from collections donated by Jay Bisno, Rose Burch, G. Baldwin, and Helen DuShane.

Andrew assembling hundreds of cowrie shells

Andrew assembling hundreds of cowrie shells

Cowries_1 copy

Cowries close up.

Bronte Boyadzhyan  and Krystal Burns (began in 2014) have sorted alcohol-preserved molluscs given to Malacology from the Marine Biodiversity Center, with the aim of integrating these into the collection.

Alyssa Chacon (began in 2014) has assembled molluscan specimens without locality data to be sorted and identified as well as unpacked and organized two donated collections: one of echinoderms and another of muricid (Family Muricidae) gastropods.

Alyssa_muricids_12_2014 copy

Alyssa unpacking muricid gastropods.

Lidia Fernandez (began in 2014) has sorted gastropods and bivalves in the alcohol-preserved mollusc collection processed by the Marine Biodiversity Center. She also unpacked, organized, and is working on identifying muricids from the Peggy Leeds collection.

Ralph Keating (began in 2014) has been sorting and identifying Channel Islands terrace deposit fossil mollusks with collection manager Lindsey Groves, and adding locality labels to the collection.

Su Virnig (began in 2014) made specimen drawer and case labels for the curated sea slug collection as well as recently began organizing cowries from the Helen DuShane and Jay Bisno collections.