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5 references

  Boyko, C.B., J.D. Williams, and J.C. Markham (2012) Recent and fossil Isopoda Bopyridae parasitic on squat lobsters and porcelain crabs (Crustacea: Anomura: Chirostyloidea and Galatheoidea), with notes on nomenclature and biogeography. Zootaxa 3150: 1–35. [View Pages] PDF is 3.1MB

  Markham, J.C. (2008) New records of pseudionine bopyrid Isopods, including two new species and one new genus, infesting porcellanid crabs (Decapoda: Anomura) on the Pacific coast of North and Central America. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences 107(3): 145–157. [View Pages] PDF is 2.9MB

  Powell, A.W.B. (1933) New species of marine mollusca from the subantarctic islands of New Zealand. Proceedings of the Malacological Society, London 20(5): 232–236. [View Pages] PDF is 429kB

  Sadowsky, V. and P.S. Moreira (1981) Occurrence of Squalus cubensis Rivero, 1936, in the Western South Atlantic Ocean, and incidence of its parasitic isopod Lironeca splendida sp. n. Studies on the Neotropical Fauna and the Environment 16(3): 137–150. [View Pages] PDF is 3.8MB

  Sartor, S.M. and A.M.S. Pires (1988) The occurrence of Cymothoa liannae, a new species of cymothoid isopod from Brazil, with a comparative study of its post-marsupial development. Crustaceana 55(2): 147–156. [View Pages] PDF is 1.3MB