ARIP 2017

Advanced Research
Internship Program 2017

With AGM Institute, we are assembling final plans for the ARIP 2017 program. To apply, visit the AGM Institute website.

Products and course materials that were used in the ARIP 2016 program can be viewed on the ARIP 2016 website.

Preliminary ARIP 2017 syllabus

We anticipate following this syllabus, and we will fill in details as events and venues are confirmed. Note that this outline is subject to change as we make final arrangements for the program.


L = lecture
G = group discussion/activity
F = field collecting
T = tour/trip
R = research lab activity

On-Line July 10–14 Research paper reading
0 Su 16 July Arrivals in L.A.
G: Welcome dinner and orientation
1 Mo 17 July L: Biodiversity, evolution, phylogenetic trees, animal diversity
G: Research topic I discussion
T: Behind-the-scenes tour at Natural History Museum of L.A. County
2 Tu 18 July F: Collecting at King Harbor floating dock
T: Seafood lunch and crustacea dissection
R: Sample sorting, identification, and processing
3 We 19 July R: DNA extraction from specimens
L: Ecology and the biosphere
G: Research presentation workshop
T: California Science Center: ecosystems, space shuttle, IMAX movie
4 Th 20 July R: DNA amplification of specimen extracts
L: Introduction to using the scientific literature
G: Getting into U.S. colleges and college life
5 Fr 21 July R: USC Nuzhdin Lab visit to clean amplified DNA
G: Writing good resumés and getting good letters
G: Research presentation workshop
6 Sa 22 July T: La Brea Tar Pits visit
T: L.A. Farmers Market visit
T: Disney Downtown visit
7 Su 23 July T: Day trip to Catalina Island
8 Mo 24 July F: Intertidal field collecting trip to San Pedro
T: Beach time at Cabrillo Beach
T: Cabrillo Marine Aquarium visit
L: Science communication as storytelling
R: Molecular sequence editing
9 Tu 25 July T: Visit USC campus and admissions
R: Molecular sequence editing
G: Presentation workshop
10 We 26 July G: Research presentation I
T: Visit UCLA campus and admissions
T: Visit The Grove
R: Final sequence editing and specimen photo cleanup
11 Th 27 July R: Molecular sequence posting to Barcode of Life Database
G: Preparation for research presentation II
12 Fr 28 July G: Preparation for research presentation II
G: Final research presentations
G: Closing ceremonies and awards
G: Farewell dinner
13 Sa 29 July Departures