Can I volunteer or intern with BioSCAN?

The NHM BioSCAN team looks forward to incorporating volunteers and interns as key project participants in the near future. At this time we’re completely occupied with getting the project started, so we do not yet have volunteer or internship programs defined.

We expect to develop those programs as soon as we’ve stabilized our project during the academic Fall semester of 2013. At that point we’ll be able to describe the work requirements, times, and tasks, as well as provide a straightforward application process.

So, though we’re excited that you’d like to join us, we’re just not quite ready to integrate you into the BioSCAN project. But that will change soon, so keep an eye out for announcements and opportunities at the main BioSCAN web page as well as this web page.


If you have questions

Please contact us at:
  Lisa Gonzalez <lgonzale@nhm.org>
  Dean Pentcheff <dpentche@nhm.org>

This file last modified: 21 August 2013